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"How Many lbs of Fat Will You Lose
Before ?"

It's only 10 days from now
and it's only 7 minutes a day but you, too, could experience a change in weight before the tenth day is over.

All you need to do is listen to the mp3 below!


My name is Paul Williams and I'd like to thank you for being open minded to try this little weight loss experiment.

I designed this for people like you who are sick and tired of trying endless diets, exercise fads and who feel that there might be something in their own mind holding them back.

If you've read The 7 Minute Weight Loss Experiment you'll know I was inspired by Dr. Hal Becker and his patients who listened to his subliminal priming and began losing weight automatically without trying.  Since then I have successfully helped people myself all over the world with losing weight and I'd like to see if I can do the same for you, in just 7 minutes!


Before you get started, just a few extra notes...

First up, mind priming MP3s are completely safe. They are written, recorded and produced by me personally and I stand behind them 100%. They are not bought off-the-shelf from any other company and are exclusive to you as a reader of my The 7 Minute Weight Loss Experiment book - nobody else has these.

You will not be able to hear the spoken suggestions consciously as they are hidden in music or nature soundtrack, but your subconscious mind will hear them perfectly even if played at a low volume.

Listening requires no concentration, you can let them play as background music while you work, read, relax, sleep or play.  The music is specifically chosen to help put your brain into a receptive state so the losing weight suggestions can find their way to your subconscious. Remember, these are subliminal priming tracks designed to change your life, so make the time for them.

I recommend that you listen to the mp3 no less than twice every day, the longer and more often you listen the more chance the suggestions will be accepted and acted upon. For best results use headphones, the volume does not need to be higher than you would normally listen to as the subliminal suggestions can be picked up by your brain from very low volumes. Just listen to the tracks as you would any other music under normal conditions.

Yes you can listen to these tracks whilst driving, as they do not contain any hypnotic sleep inducing commands. They may however cause a state of relaxation you are not accustomed to so please take full responsibility for your driving. Make sure you remain fully alert when driving, the subliminal priming will still work and be very effective playing in the background.

You can listen to the MP3 tracks when going to sleep in addition to your daytime listening.

I'm sure you will enjoy listening to the quiet power of the subliminal priming process.  And remember, when you start seeing changes then consider the main programme - Weight Loss Mind Primes that Can Make You Thin! - and ramp your weight loss up even more!

To your success,




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THE 7 Minute
Weight Loss


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Subliminal mind priming is not intended in any form or manner to replace medical or mental health professional care, medication or treatment of any kind. No specific physical, mental or medical effects of any sort are claimed to result from the use of subliminal mind priming messages. In no case will Mentem Publishing, Paul Williams as the author or related distributors, be liable for chance, accidental, direct or indirect damages resulting from use, misuse or defect of its subliminal tracks, instructions or books.

Subliminal mind priming technology can be used whilst driving or operating machinery as no hypnotic inductions are used that may cause or induce a state of sleep or drowsiness. However, common sense should dictate when it is safe or not safe to listen to the subliminal tracks. If for example, the ambient background sounds of nature or music cause you to relax to the point of drifting awareness, then you should not listen to the subliminal tracks when awareness is vital such as driving an automobile or operating machinery.

Mentem publishing makes no guarantees or claims, either implied or expressed, as to the benefits or results that may be gained as a result of using these products. Do not listen to these tracks if you suffer from clinical emotional or medical conditions that require close supervision by a health care professional. If in doubt consult your doctor.