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Subliminal Mind Priming mp3s


What is a "subliminal"? 

The term subliminal means "below threshold".  Your brain is taking in thousands of bits of data a second but you are only ever aware of a small proportion of it.  If you and I were having a conversation you would be consciously aware of what I was saying because you would be focused on my voice.  There could be another conversation happening in the next room that you might be aware of but unable to make out what was being said.  In a sense, this could be classed as subliminal because it is below your level of conscious threshold.  You won't hear any of the conversation, or at least you won't consciously.  But at a subconscious level you may be hearing every word which is why your ears will prick up if your name is mentioned.

This happens to us all the time.  We can be focused on a separate task when all of a sudden our brain alerts us to something that is relevent to us - our name, our town on the news, something connected to a goal we are working on etc.

Subliminal isn't just sounds, it of course happens on a visual level too.  You would go crazy if you had to consciously focus on everything in your environment.  Your subconscious analyzes millions of things happening in your field of sight and draws your attention only to what is relevent to you right this moment.  Have you ever had the experience of walking through a wooded area when suddenly you instinctively duck out of the way of a tree branch that you didn't even see?  The branch suddenly became relevant and your subconscious kicked in.  This is where instinct comes from.  A decision made at a subconscious level that you weren't even aware was happening.  Trust your instincts.  Next time you don't like someone but are unsure as to why, it could be that your brain has picked up on subliminal messages that give you an uneasy feeling.

On the subliminal mp3s which accompany each Mind Primes book, the messages are recorded below the music or nature sounds.  So although you can't hear the messages consciously, your subconscious hears them and is processing them.

Subliminal is happening all around you, every second of every day.

What does "priming" mean? 

In the basic sense, the word "priming" is now used by researchers and scientists to replace "subliminal" due to all the bad press subliminals received back in the 80s.

The aspect of a prime is to prepare.  Our decisions are often based on our past - either our past performance, or things we have heard or picked up on.  If though, our inner data could be replaced with new data, then our behavior could be changed.

For example, I tried giving up sugar for years without success.  Everytime I tried to go without sugar in my tea or coffee I would have to force myself to drink it.  But willpower can only get you so far and in the end the subconscious would win and after a day or so I'd be back to enjoying the taste of sugar in my drinks.

However, when recording the messages for Weight Loss Mind Primes I wasn't happy with the subliminal levels and so I had to listen to the mp3s multiple times until I got it right.  I didn't realize it at the time, but I was programming my own mind with the recordings.  Within a few days and completely out of the blue I stopped putting sugar in my drinks.  My subconscious had been primed with new data and responded accordingly.  There was no willpower and I actually enjoyed the taste of the sugarless drinks!

How do I know you are real and genuine? 

Until you meet me I guess you won't know for sure. The world (and especially the Internet) is full of faceless hacks hiding behind false names and fake pictures, so I understand your concern.

I am the real deal. This is my real name and that smug looking picture on the back of the book and the "about me" page is really me. I hope from reading my book that although it is not professionally written (after all, I'm not a professional writer) you still enjoy it and come to know me as I share personal aspects of my life and experiences. You can always call me and leave your details and I will do my best to call you back and speak with you personally.

Although I am busy researching, writing and recording new titles, my readers mean everything to me and I will always make time for you. The feedback I have received on Amazon is all 100% genuine from real people and it is the greatest support I could have ever wished for. I have print outs of it displayed on my office wall and it is way more impressive than any qualifications or certificates!

Anytime you need to ask me a question, I will answer you personally as quickly as I can. These are not just books to me, they are gateways to a new world where I believe subliminal priming can make a huge difference in your life as they have mine. So if I can help you on your journey to reach some of your important goals, that will make me feel very happy and fulfilled.

Will subliminal priming make me do something I don't want to do?  

Yes and no.  Priming shouldn't be able to influence you to take an action against your current value systems, but that is where I believe the problem is.  From the research I have seen, it would suggest that priming could change your value systems.  Once value systems are changed, then in theory I believe it would be possible to modify a person's behavior and take actions they would not normally have taken.

Next time you buy something in a shop, ask yourself why you are buying this particular item or brand.  Sometimes we notice an advert after we have bought the item, completely unaware that we have seen the advert many times before.  Were you subliminally influenced to buy it?

Will subliminals work for me? 

Whilst you will most certainly hear the subliminal messages at a subconscious level, it is difficult to say how you will be influenced by them.  Sometimes a self-image is so layered that the subconscious keeps rejecting any positive statements.  In this case the subliminals should be used as an additional strategy alongside other positive actions.

The main aspect of subliminal priming is not to concentrate too hard or worry that it won't work.  A lot of work is happening behind-the-scenes deep down in your subconscious so you may not be aware of anything happening at all, until one day you start noticing you are taking different actions.  It can be quite spooky when things happen! 

Take my sugar example above, people still can't believe I no longer have sugar.  I have been having sugar in my teas and coffees for nearly 30 years but suddenly stopped without any thinking whatsoever.  I still can't explain it because I wasn't expecting it to happen.  After Sam finishes the voice recordings of the messages I am exposed to many hours of subliminal messaging while I produce the mp3s and check and recheck them - and although it's my work I am still not immune to them!

So the best advice I can give you is set aside some time each day where you can listen to the subliminal mp3s and then just forget about them.  Let them do the work without you worrying and getting in the way!

How often do I have to listen to the subliminal mp3s for?  

As often as you can.  For best results listen often on headphones.  I would suggest no less than one hour every day but that's a minimum.  So often people want to achieve goals, lose weight, make money but are unwilling to do what is necessary.  Don't be like them.  You don't have to force yourself to take actions because the subliminal priming will help you take the right actions you need to take to achieve your goals.  But you have to get the process started by listening.  The music and nature sounds are pleasant and should be enjoyable, but even if you HATE them you should still listen!  Think of the subliminal mp3s as medicine for the mind - they may not taste nice but they're good for you!

How long will it take before I see results? 

This depends on what you are trying to achieve and how long you have been in your current situation.  For some people they notice results immediately the same day they start listening to the mp3s.  For others changes happen more slowly over the course of a few weeks to a few months.  And for others still, nothing happens at all for days, weeks or months and then BAM!

The more research I look at with the brain the more overwhelmed I become with the sheer complexity of the whole thing, from how we make our decisions to how our memories are stored and form basis for decision.  There are still so many mysteries it would be impossible to tell how long it will take for you to see results.

Before water can be taken from a well in the ground, the pump must be primed.  You never know how long you'll need to pump before the water makes its way up the pipes.  You just keep pumping until water comes out of the tap.  If you gave in after a few pumps because "nothing was happening", you could be walking away from fresh water only an inch from the surface.  But by priming the pump a few more times, the water makes it's way to the top and bursts out with such force that you can't stop it!

Don't leave yourself open to disappointment by expecting dramatic changes too soon.  The subliminal priming might have a lifetime of subconscious habits to overcome, so enjoy your listening and look forward to the changes that are on the way.

Why do you sell your books and subliminal mind priming tracks so cheaply when other CDs are $10 - $50 for just one track?  

This is largely due to technology being made available today that simply didn't exist only a few short years ago.  It's also thanks to Amazon and their great service to authors and publishers that allows a little guy like me to share my message with you without the traditional high costs normally involved.

I work on the simple philosophy that if I pour as much enthusiasm and dedication into each subliminal mp3, then I can deliver a knock-out product that you will love and come back for more (and give me great reviews which I treasure!).  That way, I get to touch more lives and get to do what I love for a living - sharing the subliminal experience with like-minded people who know a good thing when they see it - or hear it!

Which is better, subliminal or hypnosis? 

Both bypass the critical conscious mind to make changes where it counts - in the subconscious.  I enjoy listening to hypnosis when I want a 20-minute power nap, but for results I always go for subliminals.  Plus, the great thing about subliminals is you can listen to them anytime.

What do I get in your Mind Primes programs?  

The Mind Primes series contains a book and normally two subliminal mp3 tracks which can be downloaded from a secret page (address is in the book).

The book is in two parts.  Book one explains the topic at hand, and book two goes into more detail about subliminal mind priming.  The real magic is in the subliminal mind priming tracks that come as part of the program with no additonal charge.  The music and nature tracks are the same for all programs but obviously each track has carefully scripted messages subliminally embedded.

You'll find two different 30 minute sessions for each topic:

  • Music only, gentle relaxing, perfect for reading or chilling out.
  • Ocean Waves, real actual ocean waves gently washing up on shore.

How do I know what affirmations you use? 

I supply a transcript at the back of each book although you don't need to read them.  They are there to show there are no dubious suggestions and to put your mind at rest.

What is the difference between your subliminal mp3s and others?  

Attention to detail. Firstly, each topic starts with a huge amount of research to ensure important bases are covered.  This is why it takes me so long to bring out each new title, rather than "knocking something up quick".  Each suggestion is spoken in a particular way using language and tone that is suitable for the brain hemisphere it is influencing.

The music I have selected is based on several factors to ensure it is a perfect carrier for the suggestions but also pleasing to listen to.  And rather than just supply music or ocean waves (we use real ocean waves!), I give you the choice of 5 tracks depending on your moods and tastes.

Every suggestion is personally written and designed by me, the recording is overseen by me, listened to and tested by me before finally being published.  No stone is left unturned and every ounce of care, love and attention is put into every minute by me personally.  Currently, there is nothing available that even comes close to the level of sophistication and performance of these subliminal priming mp3s.

How can I buy your programs?  

All the Mind Primes programs are available from Amazon in either paperback or kindle.

Subliminal mind priming seems complicated to me, will it still work for me?  

Yes, subliminal priming is very complicated but you don't need to worry about this.  I have no idea how a car works with all the complex engine management systems, fuel, gears etc etc but I can still enjoy a great drive.  You may not understand the process of electricity but you can still enjoy light by simply flicking a switch.  If you have an mp3 player, all you need to know is how to press the play button and let the priming do all the work!

I can't be hypnotized, will subliminals still work for me?  

Yes you should be absolutely fine.  Subliminal communication can effect everybody where as only a percentage of the population can be hypnotized to an effective level.  The only real requirement is average hearing - if you can hear the music or nature sounds, then the suggestions will be heard by your subconscious mind.

Can I listen to subliminals while driving?  

Yes but with a "but".  Yes, but please use common sense.  There are no hypnotic suggestions on the tracks, however, listening to subliminals can make some people feel sleepy.  If you are listening to any subliminal mind priming tracks whilst driving and feel a sense of sleepiness then please act responsible and TURN THEM OFF!

I'm not sure if listening to ocean waves on your speakers as you drive down the freeway would sound a little strange, but I'm sure you'd find the music pleasant.

Please though for goodness sake, act responsibly, drive with care and pay attention to the road not the subliminal priming!

"I listen to these subliminal mind priming tracks whilst driving,
you may choose to do the same but you do so at your own risk."


Will subliminals still work while I'm asleep?  

There is mixed evidence regarding sleep learning with some scientists saying "no" and others saying "yes".  From my own research I would say partially, because it seems we are receptive during REM stages, and in the "twilight" stages where we fall asleep and wake up.  As this process of waking up happens several times during sleep I believe there will be some effect.  It is lovely to fall asleep for a half-hour catnap during an afternoon to the sounds of the ocean, and during this time I understand your brain will be processing all the suggestions, so feel free to experiment with this for yourself.

How many different programs can I listen to? 

As many as you like as long as they don't cause conflict.  For example, you may listen to any combination of weight loss, confidence, stop smoking, success etc as they compliment each other.  But I would not advise listening to motivation and relaxation tracks as your mind will be pulled in different directions.  So get clear on the goal/s you wish to achieve and select programs that can work together.  If you are unsure and would like help with this, simply email me outlining your goals and the programs you'd like to use and I will be happy to assist you.

My partner doesn't believe in subliminals, will they still work if I play them in the background? 

Yes, although this is sneaky!  Belief is not required as the subliminals are designed to slip beneath the radar of the critical conscious system and prime the deeper areas of the subconscious mind.  Your partner may start feeling and thinking different thoughts and taking different actions depending on the subliminal tracks you use, but will be unaware of why.  However, please be respectful and take your partner's wishes into consideration, and get their permission first as it could be argued you are influencing them against their knowledge.  If they areaware and happy for you to play the tracks and don't care because they don't believe in them, then great!  Press play and watch what happens!

I'm very overweight and have been for years. I have tried hypnosis and NLP but my brain seems determined to keep me fat! Will subliminal priming finally be the answer to my prayers? 

It could be but I cannot make this a promise.  There can be so many factors that cause you to be overweight in the first place (and these are taken into consideration with the suggestions used), BUT, if you follow the guidance in the book and listen to the subliminal tracks EVERY DAY as part of your routine, I firmly believe they will help you massively.

In terms of hypnosis and NLP, I consider subliminal mind priming to be way more powerful than these two and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about priming over the coming years as more and more research is being carried out as you read this.

Just don't make the mistake of "trying" it for five minutes.  Give them at least 3 months of continued listening and take note of the results.  And make sure you share them with me.  If the results are not what you wanted I'd like to know so I can see what might have gone wrong and develop a solution.  Of course when you start losing weight please share that with me, because nothing makes me feel as good as hearing a success story from a reader!


Might have been my imagination, but I was able to run an errand this morning without having a cigarette in the car - was this the subliminal working already?  

Yes it could be!  They can start working immediately for some people, although this could also be a happy coincidence.  Just make sure you keep listening and keep the progress happening, you've already proved your body doesn't "need" it's morning cigarette!



Are you having problems with
your subliminal mp3 download?

In the first instance, please check below before getting in touch to see if your question has an immediate answer. The vast majority of common issues are;


I can't find the subliminal mp3 download page 

Each book in the Prime Your Mind series contains a unique secret download page that hold the subliminal mp3s. You will find this web address throughout the actual book you are reading. Most times it is before a new chapter and in all cases is displayed at the end of the book. The reason for this isn't to tease you, but to make sure that only readers of the book have access to this page.

The download page doesn't work  

Please check you are typing the web address correctly, and that there are no spaces between words or missed characters. The web address must be written exactly as it is in the book otherwise you will land on my "Oops" page!

Are CDs available for the subliminal tracks?  

Sorry not at this time. Due to costs and more people preferring digital downloads it made sense to offer mp3s at no extra charge for readers of my books. I am looking into CDs as an alternative for readers who wish to purchase these additionally - please check back soon.

I can't download the MP3s  

To download each track separately, "right click" on the title link and select "save as" or "save link as..." which will download this to a folder of your choice on your computer.

Download problems can occur if you are using a mobile device such as a BlackBerry or iPod. I'm afraid I cannot advise on the technical aspects of these devices as they change so often, however a Google search may provide you with a solution for your particular device.

How do I download to iPad? 

You will need a "music downloader" app which you can get free, and then follow my simple step-by-step guide which will show you exactly how to download all subliminal mind priming tracks to your iPad. 

CLICK HERE for the step-by-step instructions.