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Subliminal Audio Solutions
To Help You Achieve Success

I believe subliminal Mind Primes are the ultimate tools to help you achieve your goals. 

Subliminal priming infuences your thoughts at a subconscious level so you become successful from the inside out allowing change to happen in your life automatically.  When people attempt to make changes, they make the mistake of working hard on the wrong things.  If your subconscious mind doesn't believe you deserve success, it will sabotage your best efforts.  Your subconscious is the key to your success or failure.  You will no longer have to struggle with willpower or suffer the frustration of failure once your subconscious mind is on your side and working with you.

The Mind Primes series delves into the ground-breaking scientific research and actually provides you with exclusive audio subliminal mind priming mp3 tracks you can download.  Written, recorded and produced by Paul Williams, these custom tracks are based on the strategies and methods of leading brain researchers and pioneers in technology and biofeedback.

Welcome to the next generation of subliminal audio therapy.

how to fall asleep subliminal

Deep Sleep Mind Primes 

Inside you'll discover:

  • Why the old "sleep rules" don't work 
  • The #1 secret cause of insomnia 
  • Why insomnia is not your fault 
  • Is your brain keeping you up 
  • How to unblock any hidden sleep sabotage 
  • Free 1hr Binaural Beat Bedtime Track 

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how to lose weight subliminal

Weight Loss Mind Primes 

Inside you'll discover:

  • The real secret of staying slim 
  • Why it's not your fault if you overeat 
  • Why diets and willpower fail 
  • How you can become slimmer, faster 
  • How to rewire your appetite for weight loss 
  • How not to be controlled by food ever again

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have more confidence subliminal

Confidence Mind Primes

Inside you'll discover:

  • Why positive thinking doesn't work  
  • Unblock your hidden barriers holding you back  
  • Overcome shyness and improve your speaking skills 
  • Rewired for confidence in less than 48 hours! 
  • Become more confident faster in any situation 
  • Forget silly confidence tricks, be natural, be yourself

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how to quit smoking

Quit Smoking Mind Primes

Inside you'll discover:

  • Why 93% of quitters fail 
  • How to join the 7% who become non-smokers for life  
  • The real reasons why you smoke 
  • How a secret subliminal experiment in a hospital stopped patients smoking without them even knowing why! 
  • Get your brain to give up automatically without cravings

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