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Finally someone gets it!

Paul writes in a way that is easy to follow and understand. The bonus MP3s are the key. I noticed a significant difference in my behaviors within the first day or two and that is because I can listen to the tracks any time. I find the tracks very enjoyable and listen when I'm reading, doing the dishes or on the train. I don't need to find time when I won't be disturbed which is hard with kids around. Paul also responds to questions promptly if you do have any. I'm looking forward to the future differently now. I actually feel that I can make the changes I want with this help. I'm going to listen to the confidence one too.

Moana Zaknich
Amazon Review

Waves of bliss

I wish everyone in the world would listen to this audio and read Paul's book. He gives just enough pertinent information to explain how and why and when subliminal priming works. I downloaded and read the book last night and listened to the audio. I played the audio during what is usually a stressful time of getting everyone fed at breakfast. Even the dogs were calm! The smile has not left my face. I feel just blissful and joyous. I've tried for 40 years to get rid of negative parental "tapes". I haven't wanted to eat for comfort yet today and my husband is just home from the ICU. My life has just been squashed lately. Thank you to Paul, Samantha, and all those who brought this tool forward to raise us up. The music is beautiful.

Chandi Devi
Amazon Review


Love the music!

Just started listening this evening, and if the only thing that comes from trying this is getting to listen to very smooth, very relaxing soundtracks while I read, then I will be happy enough. Every sound is real! I found myself just smiling listening to the birds in one track. :)

I recently discovered I have ADD and with treatment I have found that what works best for me to focus is to have background noise while performing daily tasks. I plan to spend the weekend with earbuds in! Can't wait to sit down with a few good books I've been dying to read. Thank you, Paul.

Amazon Review


Hi Paul,

I just wanted to write you personally and thank you for the wonderful subliminal tapes that you've made.

I got the 'confidence' one. I didn't even listen that regularly, and after a while, I noticed that at parties I had a lot more confidence; and I actually began to realize that people that I always thought were confident were really nervous around me; the tapes have also helped me in many other ways that I never expected they would.

I've been listening to another subliminal series steadily every night for the past 5 weeks, and I've seen no changes unfortunately.

So therefore I must commend you on your programme.

I've just bought another one of your programs and it's evident that you're extremely thorough with everything that you do. I love that.

Thanks again for the work you've done; it's greatly improved my life.

It would be great if you could make one on money/wealth/prosperity.

Until then,
all the best!




Wow. I'm blown away by what this package includes for such a low cost. Having downloaded dozens of self-published Kindle books, I did not have the highest of expectations. I thought, maybe it's a re-hash of old, discredited ideas about subliminals, or maybe it's a promotional book for the author's other products. It turned out to be none of these things. Instead, it is a complete product for turning around low self-confidence.

The book talks about how to use subliminals to increase self-confidence, discussing the author's own turnaround.

It tackles head-on the earlier research discrediting subliminals and discusses the latest research indicating that subliminals can be very effective if implemented correctly. The author has an enjoyable writing style, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and even the discussion on the research is lively and fun.

The subliminal mp3's included with the purchase (links in the book) were the real surprise for me. I thought it was going to be a sampler used to upsell more expensive products. But the author has no other confidence products for sale that I could see. This package is it. Five mp3's, made in accordance with research-tested principles, are included. The five mp3's all have the same confidence script (a written script is provided in the book), but some have light music and others are just nature sounds, so that each person can vary the track to suit their taste or mood. That shows the level of care the author has taken with this product.

As for how effective it is, I've only just started, so I can't be sure. But the research and the author are convincing, the tracks are enjoyable, and the price is fantastic. I never write reviews, but had to in this case to thank the author for putting out a great product.

Amazon Review


Nice Package

This is a nice package with the book explaining subliminal priming and the mp3's demonstrating it. I highly recommend that as soon as you get the book, you immediately find the pointer to the mp3's and download them. That way you can listen to the tracks while the author explains the technology he is using. The book is a bit of a slog at first. However, he does introduce us to some of the latest technology in subliminal programming. All in all, a nice package for the price.

Amazon Review


Dear Mr Paul A. Williams

I belong to a local bookclub and we have just finished "Prime Your Mind for Weight Loss" which all of us thought was, at present, the best book on weight loss. . .

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Weston


I love it!

First, I have to say that everything is included and there are no 'extra' things to buy. This is not some promotional tool to get you to spend more money on courses or additional audio.

Second, I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and downloaded the mp3 files. I have been listening to them daily (missed one or two days), but often have them going in the background while I am working or reading. I have lost 12 lbs and am at my lowest weight in several years. I can already see that my clothes are fitting better and I am limiting myself to one weigh in per week, but I am excited to see the results.

I am looking forward to his future releases (especially the 'Increase you income'). This is a great product and very enjoyable to listen to.

My background: I am a 43 year old male who is 5' 10" and was up to almost 300 lbs. I have not been doing extra exercising or intentionally doing anything different during these 3 weeks. I am not affiliated with the author or benefiting from this review in any way, I just love the results.

Amazon Review

It works!

I listen to one of the mp3s daily, more when I can. I no longer have the desire to snack in the evening and my appetite is reduced! I am working hard to lose the weight that I gained following a bad accident. Reading the book and listening to the mp3s is a valuable addition to my quest to regain my fitness. I had trouble finding and downloading the mp3s, so I emailed Paul, the author, who responded promptly. I was very impressed with this great customer service. Keep up the great work!

Joanne Amy


I would give this 10 stars if I could!

Let me start by saying that I do not know the author, nor do I have any connection to this book other than purchasing it.

That said, this book, or, more correctly, the audio mp3s have literally been life changing. I am a perpetual yo-yo dieter, because I just can't seem to maintain motivation to really stick to a plan. Listening to the mp3's has totally helped change my mental and emotional response to food, as well as being very relaxing to listen to. I LOVE them, and have recommended them to my mom and sister.



Prime Your Mind for Confidence

I would highly recommend this masterpiece as It has helped me so far. Amazing what we do forget at times but the entire book will awaken your true self path!!!! Excellent!!!



Hi Paul

I purchased your book Prime Your Mind for Weight Loss today from Amazon Kindle and I'm very over weight and have been for years. I know it's all in my head and although I've tried hypnosis and NLP that brain of mine seems determined to keep me fat!

I have already planned to listen to the recordings at least twice a day. The fact that I can just have it on while I'm doing other things like travelling on the train, doing work etc makes it that much easier and more convenient that traditional hypnosis etc.

I have had hypnosis on a few different occaisions with different therapists and had mixed results. I believe I have benefited from all of them in different ways but the ultimate reason I've always gone is to help me with my weight and it has not been successful in that area.

I am a certified NLP practitioner and while I see great benefits in NLP in many aspects of life, for myself and I've seen great results in my clients, particularly around goal setting and letting go of things from the past, I still have had no success with my weight.

I've spent thousands of dollars since I was 20 (I'm now 38), on diet programs, fitness, gym memberships, hypnosis etc and I had pretty much gotten to the point of giving up.

I sat down to write my goals for 2013 and decided I would have one last attempt and trying to reprogramme my brain and went looking for Paul McKenna downloads as I have had some success with him in the past. Instead of Paul McKenna coming up on my search in Amazon I go your book.

What you wrote made perfect sense to me so I thought I was going to give up anyway, if I try this and it doesn't work I can still go ahead and resign myself to always being this way. I've got nothing but weight to lose.

Thanks for doing this work. While I'm yet to see how easy it is for myself I certainly appreciate that there is someone out there like you who seems to understand how it is for someone like me.

Thanks again.




Super Informative

I've always held some cynicism when it comes to subliminal effectiveness. On the one hand I believe it has some power. On the other I know that power is limited and causes me to distrust many product claims. Williams demystifies the power of subliminal suggestion, using the latest research findings. Unlike most of those who have products out there, he shares most of his subliminal script. He provides plenty of insight into the conditions that make subliminal suggestions effective while also being realistic about the limitations. So far the his MP3's are working well for me. No magic. No overnight success. But certainly a growing feeling of empowerment, confidence and change of habit.

Amazon Subliminal Review



As in the Prime your Mind for Weight loss, this book provides excellent info on the power and hype of subliminal techniques. Both totally work for me. Better than any method I've yet tried.

Amazon Subliminal Review



Thank you for the communications. Was able to download all 5 files to Media Player and actually transfer 4 of them to my antique MP3 player(I omitted the one with the birds, hurts my ears and my memory was full) and listened to 1 1/2 of them last night(Waves and Music and just music).

Might have been my imagination, but I was able to run an errand this am without having a cigarette in the car. Will stick with this with very high hopes that my brain will help end my slavery!! Not bad for a 58 year old gal, huh? Maybe too much information for you Paul, but thank you so much again!