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About Paul A. Williams 

paul williams author subliminal priming

Paul Williams is quickly becoming recognised as a worldwide expert in the field of audio subliminal priming and subconscious influence.

An avid researcher into human potential, Paul has explored all angles of personal development including psychology, NLP, mind power, neuroscience, subconscious communication, hypnosis, the science of peak performance and subliminal programming.

Testing strategies in the real world, Paul became excited after witnessing a dramatic turn around in his own life through the use of subliminal audio.  Comparing results from other subliminal manufacturers which failed to match the previous results, Paul wanted to know what was the difference that made the difference and could his success be replicated?

After learning from pioneers on biofeedback and leading authorities on human behavior modification, Paul began researching into mind priming and how our actions could be influenced by information or events that we are not consciously aware of.

Taking the scientific research and consulting with audio engineers, Paul began experimenting with preconscious processing and developing a range of subliminal audio files.  Going beyond the traditional subliminal hype, Paul was keen to learn from some of the worlds top psychologists on brainwave activity, brain lateralization, dual track brain messaging and priming.

After 19 years of first hand experience using subliminal technology in the real world, Paul has recorded and developed a unique range of peak performance audio priming solutions to help people make positive changes in their lives, including weight loss, stop smoking and creative thinking.

Now, writing from personal experience, Paul shares his breakthrough discoveries on human potential in a direct and easy to read style. Taking you behind the scenes of his subliminal mind priming technology and giving you access to his latest subliminal audio programs, you'll get to experience the power of positive priming in your life.

Paul also designs bespoke, personal mind primes for clients around the world on a host of different subjects and life areas.  If you would like Paul to work with you directly, designing and producing a personal subliminal mind priming program, click here for more details -