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Prime Your Mind to
Stop Smoking


How To Quit Smoking Today - Without Hypnosis, Electric Cigarettes, Nicotine Patches, Inhalers, Gum or Willpower!


You can quit smoking - starting right now!

No matter how long or how much you've smoked. No matter how many times you've tried to stop smoking before.

The cravings and urges to smoke come from complex systems in your body and brain that maintain the addiction to smoke, which is why willpower alone is often futile. Drawing on the latest research into the science and psychology of "mind priming", subliminal engineer Paul Williams has designed a subliminal smoking cessation therapy to disrupt the nicotine addiction and give you the ability to stop smoking the easy way, without relapse.

This could be one of the fastest and most effective ways to quit smoking especially if you have tried to stop smoking before and have suffered horrendous withdrawal symptoms. No longer will you find yourself overwhelmed by tension, or your "willpower" cracking after one or two weeks of sheer torture.

Subliminal mind priming is relaxing, powerful and safe. Best of all, it makes giving up nicotine automatic so you don't have to put in any extra effort. And it all starts by pressing the "play" button on your mp3 player.

Subliminal means "below the threshold of conscious perception", and 'priming' is the process where carefully written suggestions prepare your subconscious mind to literally think new thoughts to help you achieve your goals automatically. A recent study at Boston University uncovered the mechanism that primes the subconscious and proves the brain is capable of subliminal learning without conscious attention.

Inside you'll discover:

  • The real reason you smoke - it's not what you think! 
  • Why 93% of quitters fail and how you can join the successful 7% who become non-smokers for life 
  • How a secret subliminal experiment in a hospital's music system stopped patients smoking without them even knowing why! 
  • How the science of subliminal mind priming can stop you smoking automatically without cravings 
  • Subliminal mind priming quit smoking MP3s included - see the download details inside! 

Subliminal Audio Downloads Included

Now you can experience the extraordinary power of this process for yourself and effortlessly program your mind to automatically stop you smoking using state-of-the-art subliminal mind priming technology.

Included with this program are specially prepared subliminal priming MP3s which you can download at no extra cost and listen to as background music while you work, relax, play or sleep.

Designed as 30-minute sessions, this highly effective audio program will train your brain so you get to the happy point of not even thinking about smoking or cigarettes any more.

Get Ready to Stop Smoking And Feel Good About It - Safe and Effective!

Forget everything you've heard about subliminals or hypnosis or any other 'mind power' techniques. See the proof of actual tests carried out by scientists and psychologists into how subliminal messages affect the brain and how we have used this feedback in designing and producing a new stop smoking cessation script that you can use and test for yourself.

Subliminal mind priming is the secret to changing your thoughts, attitudes, feelings and behaviors to become the happy non-smoker you want to become - without thinking! It's so advanced, it's actually simple. By listening, the subliminal mind priming will program your subconscious mind to create healthy habits and override your nicotine cravings so you no longer have them.

This program contains everything you need to get started at once!


Available in paperback and Amazon Kindle 



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Stop Smoking Mind Primes - Kindle Version 

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Prime your mind to quit smoking on amazon Stop Smoking Mind Primes - Paperback

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