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How Mind Priming Can
Transform Your...


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... Automatically!


Mind Primes are specially created affirmations and suggestions embedded at a subliminal level under music or sounds of nature.

weight loss without surgeryYour conscious mind will hear the music, but your subconscious will hear the suggestions, bypassing the critical filters and is more likely to believe and accept them. 

This is how subliminal mind priming influences your thoughts at a subconscious level making success happen from the inside out, so you no longer have to struggle to make changes from the outside in.

Forget everything you've been told about success - if you've got an mp3 player and headphones, you can now tap into a audio technology that can allow you to achieve all your goals, faster, easier and with less strain than you ever thought possible.

Discover your own possibilities when your limits are removed. Simply by listening, you'll experience real, lasting changes in your life automatically.

Lose weight

 Change bad habits into good ones

 Build a powerful personality

 Boost your self-esteem

  Quit smoking for good

  Become more confident 

  Enjoy deep sleep every night

  Develop successful ideas

  Increase your income



The Power of Positive Priming
The Next Generation of Subliminal Therapy 


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Mind Primes Solutions Primes 

See the range of subliminal mind priming books and mp3s.

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, each book comes complete with 2 Mind Primes mp3 downloads....


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The Science Behind Mind Primes

Neuro scientists present the latest research into how sbliminal mind priming works, why it works so effectiely, and why it works so fast!

Gain an understanding into the preconscious process and the effects subliminal stimuli has on our actions... 


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Will Mind Primes Work For You?

Tests in the labs with whitecoats and volunteers are all very well but about real people living in the real world with real problems?

Here is a selection of feedback from real users of Mind Primes who have either left a review online, emailed or written to me personally.

Whilst this will never count in social science as 'proof', it does warm my heart and keep me working hard to help people end their suffering and achieve their goals...

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